Class notes, spring 2012.

March 19th:

Sorry I was absent last week guys. But you listened to your soundscape podcasts.

*Erin came to class to show some video editing techniques.

*Video workshop day for Narrative Video (rest of class)

February 27th:

*New working groups assigned, website design workshop

*Video workshop-how to storyboard

*Watched “Adventures of a Cardboard Box” to see how no vocal audio plays in videos.

* Partner revisions on soundscape podcasts

*Went over homework

*End of class free discussion for any questions, comments, or concerns

*No weekend tutorial this week or lab hours next week Monday the 5th-Saturday the 10th as I will be out of town, as will Steph. So stop by tomorrow, Thursday, or Friday if you are having troubles. I will be back the 1oth and will resume lab hours Sunday the 11th. If need be, I can have hours Saturday the 10th right after I get home. Just tweet me if you this would be helpful. 

*Another note: If you haven’t given your video diary files to Steph or me yet, PLEASE do so by Friday as we are going to start remixing on Friday. Thanks!

February 20th:

*listened to soundscapes

*discussed midterm portfolio

*in-class work time

*Weekend tutorial will be Saturday 1-5:30!

February 13th:

*Discussion on soundscapes

*Group discussion on assigned soundscape

*Audition introduction & celebrity voicemail exercise

*Went over homework

*Weekend tutorial will be Saturday 1-5:30!

February 6th:

*Group photo essay discussion.

*Lawrence Lessig & creativity, discussion about remixing.

*Web layout discussion (why SUCKS)

*Briefly discussed creative commons (you need a CC license on your site!!)

January 30th:

*Final warning about attendance and completing assignments on time. If you don’t complete EVERY assignment, you will fail the course. If you miss two classes, you will fail the course. Plain and simple. Also, you need to tweet every completed assignment. Twitter is our main form of communication for this class. Check it often for updates and announcements. *If you are having tech issues with uploading any assignment or any question, please tweet, direct message, or email me and/or Steph asap to get the issue resolved. 

*Group and class discussion on McCloud reading (words and images.)

*FTP setup for websites. Note: Steph and I are troubleshooting the issue with the sites, so that issue should be resolved shortly. Bring your flash drives to class next week.

*Photoshop tutorial on layers.

*Discussed homework for next class. Blog posts due by 6PM Sunday.

*Weekend tutorial is 1:00-5:30pm this Sunday.



January 23rd:

*Watched video on PIPA/SOPA, discuss importance in regards to our class, (our class would be SHUT DOWN) and how the internet enables rapid response from the public.

*Got into working groups (which you will be into until the end of the photo essay assignment)

*Discussed twitter narratives in groups, followed by discussion of twitter and social media constraints.

*Photoshop in-class assignment, most dramatically altered photo in each group=WINNER.

*Discussed homework for next class, which is viewable under week 3.

*Signed up for Flikr accounts and added everyone to the class group.

*Discussed what comprises the Photo Essay project

*This weekends tutorial will be on SATURDAY (the 28th, 1-5:30.) If you know for certain you are going to come , please shoot me a tweet @tiffanydigicomp so I know to expect you. That goes for all tutorial sessions during the week as well! Thanks in advance.

-Tiffany, your favorite TA.

January 9th:

Hello guys, so each week after class I will post what we did here..just as a recap.

This week:

*Went over syllabus.

*Went over some basic HTML/photoshop

*Signed up for Twitter & blog

*Homework for next class can be viewed here.

*Note: Lab hours start tomorrow (Tuesday the 10th)

Mondays: 12:00-2:50 & 4:20-6:00

Tuesdays & Thursdays: 2:30-3:45

Fridays: 12:00-7:30

Saturdays/Sundays (alternating, starting with this Saturday): 1:00-5:30



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