Architecture remix (roughly)

Here you go! I like my audio, but I plan to change the video up a bit. I think it’s a little boring.




Strength&Beauty (Rough Cut) by Diana Vose

Click here to view!

Note: The images are HD but for some reason they are very pixelated… still working on that.

A Half Century of Coffee Remix (Rough Cut)


I used old coffee television advertisements and paired them with songs about coffee by popular artists from the 1940s to the 1990s to create an evolution of coffee culture in America over a half century.  Vimeo was taking forever so I had to use YouTube.  Feedback is much appreciated.

Remix: Tribute to anime romance

Link to my remix page

Here’s my remix. Mostly complete except for the credits. Hopefully language isn’t an issue as I intended for the music to be more important. Hope you’ll like it and enjoy!

My Remix Rough Draft

You might want to listen with headphones because the sound is pretty bad on some of the clips, I still need to fix it in Audition. I think my intent is pretty self-explanatory, hope you all like this *very* rough cut of my remix video! 

Remix Rough Draft

Hey guys, sorry it’s a little bare right now. I haven’t had access to premiere with all the bomb threats, but I’ll be finishing the remix in Movie Maker (sigh).

My video post

Here is the link to my Epic Awesome Movie Trailer. I had to upload through Vimeo…..damn bomb threats! Hope you enjoy it.


My Epic Awesome Movie Trailer