Huffington Post

I think the Huffington post website does a good job translating their media into the digital world.  Their website is very easy to use and navigate, much like I would like my own website to work.  I also like how the overall feel of the website still reads somewhat like a newspaper, even including the date and title at the top of the page.

The top bar of the website is divided into different tabs, each corresponding to a different section of the website, much like the different sections in a newspaper.  The search and login links are also easily located.  This portion of the website stays the same when navigating to different tabs, with the exception of the color scheme.

For example, the entertainment section uses a red color scheme unlike the homepage. Under each section the user can choose from a variety of different subtopics within that section.  Under entertainment, the user can choose from celebrity, music, tv, and hollywood, as well as many others.

The articles feature large font headlines that the user can click on to navigate to different parts of the article, as well as other related articles.  The site also features live updates on current topics such as politics.  Live statistics like these cannot be accurately recorded in a newspaper. While newspapers usually only come out once a day, the website can be updated every minute.

Unlike an actual newspaper, the user can watch video clips and listen to broadcasts.  For instance, in the comedy section, superbowl related videos are now trending.  The media can be rated and even shared on popular social networking sites, such as twitter and facebook.

The Huffington Post website is basically an interactive newspaper.  It is very easy to use and navigate, possibly even more so than an actual newspaper.  If I was going to make a news based website, I would look at the Huffington Post site for ideas.