Wrong Lulu’s, Right Site Idea

    Last week, I was really craving some delicious noodles & decided to pop online to see if Lulu’s on Craig Street was still open. I absentmindedly typed ‘Lulu’s Noodles’ into Google and clicked on the first site that came up. It took several minutes of browsing through the menu to realize that this was the website for a Lulu’s in Kansas City, Missouri, but the website was so fun and intriguing that I stayed on it anyways.

   This Lulu’s Thai Noodle Shop website is very simple – one main-page ‘hub’ where a hungry browser can simply click to expand on the various menu items to read more about them. At the top of the page is the restaurant logo as well as ways to connect to the restaurant (via Twitter, Facebook, or by mailing list), followed by various headings that can be expanded for more information, such as “Noodle Dishes”, “Lunch Menu”, and more. The bottom of the website is just a short paragraph describing the restaurant and its values.

Main Website 'Hub'


Expanded View of Menu

I encourage you guys to check out the website at http://www.lulusnoodles.com/ for its sheer simplicity and usability…and it doesn’t hurt to check out their amazing-sounding menu items. Mmmm…happy browsing!