Hey Digicompers!

One of my all-time favorite websites is http://www.picnik.com. It’s a great place to edit your photos, make collages, slideshows, whatever. Since purchasing the ever-so-expensive Adobe Creative Suite Collection for this class, I haven’t used Picnik as much, because I have access to Photoshop (and I wanna get my money’s worth).

Today, I went to Picnik for the first time in about 2 months and found out that they are being taken over by Google+ on April 19th. Wahhhh, it’ll be sad to see Picnik go. Nonetheless, there are still some qualities of the website worth pointing out that made me enjoy it so much.

First, the organization of the site makes it easy to work your way around the pages. Each tab has a drop down, horizontal bar with more options to choose from. Its appearance makes it look like you’re actually searching through files, which is very smart. It’s very simple and down to earth. You can’t get any more laid back than “Do seriously awesome things with your photos.”

Picnik is effective, because everything is laid out in plain sight for you to see. You don’t really have to go searching for what you want to do. They even make it easy for you to import or export pictures to and from other social media forums. On other websites that are poorly organized, I get so frustrated trying to look for the option I want that I usually just give up and close the page. Here, that is not the case. I like that I can find what I want exactly when I want.

For me, the best part of Picnik is its creativity, which I would like to incorporate in my own design. They hold true to their company name and have elements that make you “feel” like you actually are on a picnic. For example, the background is split into two images… 1/4 grass, 3/4 cloudy sky. Next to the “Start” icon is a picture of a lady bug…so cute and SO creative. Picnik even takes the time to creatively copywrite their statements (even if it’s a sad sentence about them shutting down).

“The ants have invaded” on an image of a picnic blanket. Now that’s pretty witty.

Here is a screen shot of the full view of Picnik.com.

This website is a great place to go to for ideas for the design of my own page. I’m definitely going to play up the creativity as much as Picnik does, because who wants to be boring? Not me.