Why it is nice to be as rich as Neil Gaiman; or Why Neil Gaiman makes a pretty website

Considering that Neil Gaiman is not only a god of words, but also creates decently kickass graphic novels, I thought his website would be an appropriate example of a well-designed website that blends images and words together to make a deliberate seeming website.

Does anyone else immediately think of this CD any time someone says "images and words"?

Gaiman’s site offers a variety of venues—examples of his work, tour information, his personal blog, and information about him. I very much like how the navigation options are at the top of the screen, but don’t like how smooshed together they are, I sometimes have a hard time reading layout that is cramped like this. However, each link is a different color so that makes it easier to navigate and I’ve seen plenty of sites get away with this as well as Gaiman does so I’m sure this complaint is more of a personal gripe than a design error.

His color choice is intriguing and I’m convinced that he chose the grays because they reflect his dark sense of humor and imagination. Color is extremely important to me and his scheme of white, gray, and black is professionally straightforward as well as easy to read. Like the color of your bedroom, the color of a website reflects who you are and I wonder if his house is similarly decorated. Some further probing might overturn more potential similarities between interior design and website design, but I suspect that’s not what I’m supposed to get out of this assignment.

This page is especially relevant because it uses the icon design that I plan on using in my own humble website. That’s pretty straightforward though, so I’ll move to a more interesting idea than clicking buttons as links. (Though as a side note I’d like to say that my website will hopefully enlarge the buttons when the mouse hovers over it.) While his page is divided into 4 sections (including the 2 boarders), the middle two sections are not the same size. Rather, the third area is a good bit smaller than the others, which is technically appropriate since it is only a picture of him and his cat, but different than other sites. I guess this is due to the fact that there are no ads here, and other sites generally have them on either side of the text but most often on the right.

If I were as rich as Neil Gaiman I wouldn’t have advertisers on my website either.