This Photoshop trick may save you a lot of headache…

In the midst of finishing my Phase 3 Photo Essay composite, blending my photos and such, I ran into a dilemma.  I had selected an image in one of my photos that was being moved to another photo but I had forgotten to resize the image first.  In my laziness I went searching for a way I could save the selection without having to go through the hassle of completely re-selecting it.  Lucky for me there is a way to do just that!

After your image is selected, making sure you are on the background layer, simply right click the selection and save it!

Click Save Selection

Resize your image, and then right click and click Load Selection.

Click on Load Selection to load your saved selection

Its a super simple trick but it will save a lot of time down the line!


Pigeon Picture

Pigeon and People Photograph curtosy Matt Stuart Photography

I found this photograph on and think it is a really interesting way that a talented photographer such as this one might interpret the first phase of the photo essay assignment.

This picture not only has a perfect example of lines—the sidewalk crack draws the eye to all the people in the background—but unique angle that distorts the perceived size of the subjects.  This is how something very small, perhaps an ant or a fly, would see the city. I was initially drawn to this picture because of the similarities between the pigeon and the people. Both are walking purposefully in the same direction and presumably the man and the bird each feel that their destination is most important.

The final aspect of this picture that makes this a clever interpretation of the assignment is that it fits well into the idea of narrative, it tells a story well on its own but could easily be arranged to further the story of the man, the pigeon, or maybe even both. The size distortion makes it seem like it would be fun to Photoshop, creating a mashed-up image that could be interpreted as either a man or a pigeon.