This Photoshop trick may save you a lot of headache…

In the midst of finishing my Phase 3 Photo Essay composite, blending my photos and such, I ran into a dilemma.  I had selected an image in one of my photos that was being moved to another photo but I had forgotten to resize the image first.  In my laziness I went searching for a way I could save the selection without having to go through the hassle of completely re-selecting it.  Lucky for me there is a way to do just that!

After your image is selected, making sure you are on the background layer, simply right click the selection and save it!

Click Save Selection

Resize your image, and then right click and click Load Selection.

Click on Load Selection to load your saved selection

Its a super simple trick but it will save a lot of time down the line!


Changing Colors in Photoshop- A Basic Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to change the color of certain parts of your photos.  For example, in the picture that I will be using as a demonstration, the girl’s dress color is magenta but I want to make it a deeper plum color. To do that I will begin by opening the file in Photoshop.

Once you have successfully opened the photo you wish to edit in Photoshop you are ready to begin the editing process!

Step 1: On the left side of the screen in the toolbox side bar find the Magic Wand Tool and click on it. Go to the top of the screen and make sure the Tolerance level is set to 35.

Step 2: Using the wand tool, select the region of your photo that you wish to change. For my example, I am changing the dress color so I will select the dress bodice. At first the wand tool will select only partial sections of the image so you will need to hold the Shift key to allow for additional selections to be added to the whole selection. If you accidentally select something you do not want, hold the Option/Alt key and click the selection that is unwanted for it to become unselected.

Step 3: To make sure all of the dress is selected you can zoom in on the image. To zoom in, simply click Command and the + buttons. To zoom out, hold Command and the – buttons. Once you are zoomed in on your image make sure you reset the Tolerance level to around 20 to allow for better selection. Don’t forget to continue holding the Shift key while selecting!

Step 4: Once you are satisfied with your selection you are ready to adjust the color. There are a few ways to adjust the color but for this example we are going to darken the dress color through the Brightness/Contrast tool. On the top toolbar select Image, then Adjustments, and then Brightness/Contrast. In this panel make sure the Preview box is selected so you can see the adjustments happening to your image. Fuss with the Brightness and Contrast controls until you find the color and contrast you think looks best. Then click OK once you are satisfied with how the color looks.

Step 5: SAVE AS! Don’t forget to “save as” your image. You don’t want to save over your original. Here you can see the comparison of the before and after photo.

Voila! Now I have what looks like an entirely different dress. This method can be used for many different things besides clothing, like skin color for example. Have fun experimenting!