What that button does; or why I am not Kennedy

I’ll admit, this post has very little to do with the late great President Kennedy, but I’ve spent a lot of time with Cold War presidents tonight (History gen-eds FTW) and since this post IS about what a very small but very effective button does (not unlike the Hollywood image of the red button that blows Soviet Russia up) in Adobe Premiere.

I don’t know about you, but I like to click on things. It makes me feel powerful and risky, especially when I’m clicking on things in Adobe and I KNOW there is a “Self-destruct haha eff you” button hidden somewhere, the stakes are especially high. Tonight I found a nifty button in the Timeline panel that looks like this:


Does not destroy all human life. Probably.

This is called the “display” button and it changes what you see in the frame boxes in your timeline, which is DEAD useful when editing clips and you’re wondering what’s in them. For example, you can see things as showing only the “head” still from a shot:

Or all of the frames:

Good Luck!



Adobe Premiere Project Window Tips

Sorry for the belated post! Had some trouble logging in to WordPress… guess I’m not as digitally literate as I thought.

Anyway! This past week I found myself struggling to keep my video clips organized within Adobe Premiere.  I had my storyboard laid out but I shot scenes out of order and had a hard time finding them after importing everything SO I looked up tutorials on how to keep your windows organized.  This is the best one I found: Project Window Tips.

In this video you’ll learn a) short cuts that allow you to identify specific clips and b) how to display a thumbnail of the clips under the project window.  Taking the time to learn these shortcuts has drastically reduced my frustration with Premiere and has helped me become more time efficient, I spend less time searching for clips and more time actually editing them.  Success!