Rolling Stone

Unlike some publications, The Rolling Stone actually translates well from print to the Internet.  The website features simple, attractive fonts; a consistent color scheme – red, white, and black; and is organized by tabs across the top of the page that list the main topics of interest.





On the homepage several featured articles scroll at 5 second intervals, allowing readers to get a general content overview, while other important headlines, music links, and photos surround the articles.








The Rolling Stone website might even have a leg upon the magazine because the articles become so interactive online. For example, a recent piece called “Skrillex Drops the Bass in Manhattan” contains text, videos (one relevant, one humorous), and related articles at the end.














With several clicks the reader becomes actively engaged in reading, listening, looking, and discovering new material. This website really caters to the individual preferences of the reader. YOU pick and choose what you want to see/hear/link up to.  And you can interact with others since all of the articles have comment forums and links that allow you to share the article with your social media networks.











In conclusion, The Rolling Stone website is well organized, easily navigable, and puts forth even more content than the magazine. #Winning.