Need color inspiration?

Are you lacking color inspiration for your website? Head on over to!

This great website uses pictures of ordinary but beautiful things, like nature scenes, spices or exotic far-off places, and arranges the colors from the picture into an array of five complimentary colors. I stumbled across this site on Pinterest during a procrastination bender. But, to my delight I can say that no longer was that a waste of my time! This site allows you to select a specific color and then matches it with several different combinations that include your color of interest. For example, I love muted purples and so all of the following combinations were selected for me…

There is even the option to select a color to find the red, green and blue color values that constitute it.  I matched those values on the Color Wizard from to get the hex code for use in building my website.

I also think that the Design Seeds website is beautifully arranged.  It is easy to use and highly interactive with easy navigation from page to page.  I found it very inspirational in terms of how I would like to set up my website.

So, take some time to explore this site. It will be worth your time and maybe you will discover inspiration for your own projects!